November 11 – 13, 2024 // Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


You are interested in the latest developments from the world of organic food, organic beverages and organic fertilizer and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA! And there are even more reasons for coming to Riyadh from November 11 – 13, 2024:

1. Organic products only

Nowhere else you can find such a variety of organic products, all selected and exclusively certified according to the IFOAM family of standards, which is a key characteristic of our BIOFACH World events.

2. The network of BIOFACH World

The network of BIOFACH World connects organic marketplaces with international demand in 8 key economic regions of the globe and promotes the development of regional markets at the same time.

3. Content and knowledge

BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA is a knowledge platform. The accompanying conference and education program provides extensive information about the organic sector worldwide. Selected experts, representatives from politics, associations and NGOs present a range of seminars to take your knowledge to a new, competitive level.

4. Key issues

BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA is an innovative platform for finding solutions to the latest market problems. In our special key issue areas, the current problems of the market are dealt intensively.

The perfect presence at the exhibition

How to get the most benefit from your attendance at BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA. Some handy tips and suggestions for exhibitors to help you to plan your attendance properly before you start.

Contact for exhibitors & visitors

Team BIOFACH World
Team BIOFACH World
NürnbergMesse GmbH
90471 Nürnberg
T +49 9 11 86 06-81 61

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