November 7 – 9, 2022 // Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Reasons for visiting BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA

You are interested in the latest developments from the world of organic food, organic beverages and organic fertilizer and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA! And there are even more reasons for coming to Riyadh from November 7 – 9, 2022:

Organic Hub for the MENA region

BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA unites more than 15 countries under one roof. This is the hub where the organic community of the entire MENA region meets.


Focussing on the most demanding issues of the local market. These topics, which are also becoming increasingly important globally, will be discussed at our special shows. Moreover, our exhibitors will have the opportunity to present the latest product innovations from these segments.

High imports

In the MENA region, 70 -90 % of food requirements are imported. This offers great opportunities for international trade and business contacts.

Knowledge platform

At the accompanying conference of BIOFACH SAUDI ARABIA, experts, politicians and international speakers will come together to discuss current market issues. Visitors can participate in seminars, panel discussions and workshops, both on-site and digitally.

Growing market

Shelf space for organic food & beverages has increased by more than 60 % in the past 5 years. Organic and save food is more demanded than ever.

Contact for exhibitors & visitors

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Team BIOFACH World
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